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Privacy policy

Protecting your personal information is a main concern for us. We only process your data in accordance with prevailing legal norms (DSGVO, TKG 2003). In our privacy policy we would like to inform you about the most important aspects about information processing within this website. 


This privacy policy informs users about form, extend and purpose of elicitation and utilization of personal information at the hands of the provider (Camping Zeinissee, Family Lorenz, Zeinisjoch, 6563 Galtür, on this website and about the privacy policy concerning notification data and guest card.

Information used

We use the following information if you conclude a contract with us:

Core Data: surname and first name, full address, complete contact information (e.g. email address, telephone number), information about form and content of our contractual relationship. Additional information you or third parties provide for us with your consent or otherwise permissibly at contract initiation, during a contractual relationship (e.g. issuance of a guest card) respectively for feasance of legal obligations: date of birth or age, marital status, gender, occupation, bank details, signature authority, power of agency, contract commitment, term of notice, cancellation terms or additional personal information which you yourself disclosed.

Using data processing companies

Protecting your personal information is a main concern for us. Even if we employ a data processing company (such as Feratel – guest register based on §19 MeldeV), we make sure that the data processing take place within the European Union.

Handling of personal information

Personal information is information through which a person is identifiable. This information can be traced back to specific people. Such personal information includes surnames, first names, email address or telephone number but also information about personal preferences, hobbies, memberships or which websites were viewed. Personal information will only be compiled, processed and passed on by the provider if it is licit and after users consent to the data collection.

Access data/server-logfiles

The provider (respectively his webspace-provider) gathers data about every access to the offer (so called server-logfiles). Access data includes:  name of the accessed website, file, date and time of the access, transferred data quantity, report of successful access, types of browsers and browser version, the user’s operating system, referrer URL (of the previously accessed website), IP-address and the requesting provider. The provider only uses the protocol data for statistical evaluation for the purpose of operation, security, and optimization of the offer. The provider reserves the right to verify the protocol data subsequently if there is strong suspicion of unlawful usage based on specific indications.

Inclusion of third-party services and content

It can happen that there is third party content of other websites, such as videos, maps, or graphics, included on this website. It is presupposed that those content providers (subsequently referred to as “third party providers”) perceive the users’ IP-addresses. Without the IP-address, the content could not be sent to the user’s browser. The IP-address is therefore necessary for the depiction of the content. We try to use content only, whose providers only use IP-addresses in order to deliver the content. However, we have no influence on third party providers who store IP-addresses for e.g. statistical purposes. Insofar as it is known to us, we inform users.

Content of the tourist association Paznaun–Ischgl

This website uses content of the website of the tourist association Paznaun-Ischgl. The content is included on this website. Such content is for example websites with informative content or widgets (e.g. weather widget). The content is directly integrated into this website within iFrames (a separate window within a website) and/or integrated through info-links by means of a lightbox (such as webcam, weather). All the content of the tourist association Paznaun-Ischgl is incorporated with SSL-encryption. You can find information concerning the privacy policy for that content here.


If you get into contact with us through a request form, telephone or email, your personal data will be stored for 6 months in order to process your request and for follow-up questions. We will not pass on your personal information without your consent.


This website uses SSL-encryption for safety reasons and for protection of transfer of confidential content, such as the request, you send to us as providers. You can identify an encrypted connection by the change from "http://" to "https://" in the address bar of the browser and by a lock symbol in the browser bar. If the SSL-encryption is activated, the personal data you transfer to us cannot be read along by third parties.


Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your computer. They enable storing of specific information relevant for the device on the user’s access device (smartphone, laptop). They are conductive to the user-friendliness of websites and to the users (e.g. storing login information for our internal area). They are also conductive to gathering the statistical data of the website use and to analysing the data for the purpose of improvement. Users can influence the application of cookies. Most browsers have an option available by which storing of cookies can be restricted or prevented. It is pointed out that use and especially user comfort is restricted without cookies. You can manage many online-prompt-cookies of businesses through the American website or the European website .

Use of Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps for the depiction of maps and for issuing journey plans. Google Maps is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. By using this website, you agree to the acquisition, processing, and usage of your personal information through Google, its representatives or third-party providers. Your personal information can be automatically collected or entered by yourself. You can find the terms of use of Google Maps under Nutzungsbedingungen für Google Maps. Extensive details can be found in the privacy policy centre of Google here.

Social Media Feed by Juicer

This website uses the Social Media Feed by Juicer (1515 7th Street, #424, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA, to depict social-media postings (Facebook, Instagram, ...) on this website. Data (mostly photos and graphics) from Juicer and social-media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, ...) is downloaded and depicted on this website. You can find more information about the privacy policy of Juicer here

1. Registration data

1.1 Obligation to register

According to the Austrian registration law, you are obligated to register with the personal information mentioned in §5 and §10.  This concerns the following information: name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, home country, address including zip code and – for foreign guests – form, number, time and place of issuance of a travel document as well as date of arrival and departure.

1.2. Guest register

We will store your data based on the legal obligation according to §19 Meldegesetz-Durchführungs-Verordnung in a guest register for 7 years if it is not processed longer for reasons mentioned in this privacy policy. The guest register is kept electronically for which we transfer your personal information to an IT-data processor. Here the data is stored locally. A transfer to a third country will not take place.

1.3. Transfer of personal information

The categories „arrival“ and „departure” linked to one’s home country are transferred to the municipality in which our business is located according to §6 Tourismus-Statistik-Verordnung.  Data concerning number of overnight-stays totally and people obliged to pay local tax will be transferred to the tourist association Paznaun-Ischgl, which we belong to. This is in accordance with § 9 Tiroler Aufenthaltsabgabegesetz.

1.4. Legal basis for data processing

The data processing under 1.1 to 1.3 is rested upon article 6 para. 1 lit. c DSGVO (compliance of legal obligations).

1.5. Additional data transfer to the tourist association / municipality

We will transfer your post code and your year of birth (in pseudonymized or anonymous form) to the tourist association and the municipality for statistical purposes and to prepare and evaluate statistics concerning age and home countries. This transfer rests upon article 6 para. 1 lit e (purpose in public interest) and lit f (predominant authorized interest) DSGVO. You can enter objection any time out of reasons that result from your specific situation (Art. 21 para 1 DSGVO).

2. Guest card

2.1 General remarks

You have the possibility to make use of a guest card. The guest card grants you benefits and/or services in different businesses in our region (e.g. cheaper entrance). The guest card is valid for the duration of your stay.

2.2 Issuance of the guest card

The guest card is only issued upon your wish by your landlord. Depending on the card-system employed by the tourist association or the accommodation business, the guest card can be in

  • electronic form
  • written form
  • or in form of a press copy of your registration form.

2.3 Processed personal information

For the electronic form of the guest card as well as the written form, the following data, gathered from the registration data (see article 1), is processed: first name, surname, date of birth, duration of stay (arrival/departure), home country, post code.

If a guest card is issued in form of a press copy of the registration form, then the press copy contains the content according to § 5 iVm § 9 Meldegesetz (see article 1.1 „Meldedaten“). In this case, no electronic processing for the guest card will take place.  When using the guest card, the following personal information will be processed in addition: information concerning the cycle of usage of the specific guest card, usage or services, bookings, logging of transactions, account information, reference to the registration information and the accommodation business.

This information is necessary for identity verification and determination of the validity period of the guest card with the particular service providers. It is also necessary to enable the settlement of the benefits between service providers, tourist association and if need be the accommodation business.

2.4. Legal basis for data processing

The processing of your personal information for purposes of the guest card either takes place upon your consent (art. 6 para 1 lit a DSGVO) or, as far as the guest card is part of the service provision as part of the accommodation contract, for purposes of fulfilment of contract (art. 6 para 1 lit b DSGVO).

Your consent can be revoked any time in spoken or written from. A revokement can take place in person with the landlord or in written form (email to the address

2.5. Operation of guest card system

The guest card system is operated by the local tourist association (TVB). In addition, local accommodation businesses and local service providers are involved. The personal information, which is processed for the guest card, will be deleted after 48 months.

2.6. Recipient of the data

The processed data for the guest cards is transferred to the local tourist association to enable the settlement of the benefits between service providers, tourist association and/or the accommodation business.

The particular service providers who grant special benefits receive your personal data if you make use of your guest card in their business and the services connected to it. In order to make use of the benefits connected to your guest card, you must produce your guest card on which your personal information can be seen and thereby disclose your personal data. The service provider then verifies the validity of the card by reading the barcode and transferring the code data to our IT-data processor. Thereby, personal information is also transferred to the service provider, especially your identity information (in order to verify your identity and your date of birth).

Should the guest card be issued in form of a registration form, the validity is verified through the press copy of the registration form.

Additional processing of your personal information

Principally, we only process information which is necessary for fulfilment and closing of the contract. Provided that you gave your consent, we process your personal information to the effect that we will send you information to our services until your consent is revoked. We use the following communication channels, provided that you stated them: telephone number, email address, SMS, mail or social-media platforms. 

Deletion of personal information

Your personal reference data and other personal information will be deleted if it is no longer necessary to store it for the fulfilment of the processing purpose. Normally, this is the case after 7 years or if the storing the information is no longer legally permitted.

Instead of a deletion, an anonymization of the personal data can also be performed. This means any kind of identity identification would irretrievably be deleted.

You can assert the following rights in connection with the processing of your personal information:

Access right

You have the right to obtain information on how and to which extend your personal information is processed.

Contact/ Website provider Camping Zeinissee, Family Lorenz, Zeinisjoch, 6563 Galtür, Telephone number: +43 (0) 5443 8562, email:

Your rights

You have the right to obtain, delete, correct and restrict information, revoke consent, obtain information about transferability of data and object.

If you think that the processing of your personal information transgresses the data protection law or infringes your claims in terms of data protection law or in other ways, you can complain to the regulating authorities. In Austria, the data protection authority is in charge.

Aufsichtsbehörde beschweren. In Österreich ist dies die Datenschutzbehörde.

Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde:
Wickenburggasse 8
1080 Wien
0043 1 52 152-0

Right of complaint

If the processing of your personal information violates the Austrian or European data protection law in your view, please contact us in order to clarify possible issues. Naturally, you have the right to complain to the Austrian data protection authority or another authority within the EU.

Verification of identity

To protect your rights and your privacy, we are entitled to request evidence of identity.

Claiming rights unduly

If you claim one of the above-mentioned rights unduly or particularly often, we are entitled to charge appropriate administration fee or to decline your request for handling.

Obligation for cooperation

As part of the obligation for cooperation, we are obliged to release personal information upon request according to the legal regulations (e.g. BAO, registration law, ZPO, StPO, …).

Duration of validity

This privacy policy applies as of May 25, 2018 and replaces the existing data protection regulation.

You can reach us under the following contact details:

Camping Zeinissee
Family Lorenz, Zeinisjoch, 6563 Galtür

Telephone: +43 (0) 5443 8562


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